Shine Savings Plan includes:

Shine Savings Plan members save at least 30% on
ALL dental work performed in our offices.

The Shine Savings Plan makes it easy to get access to quality care at affordable dental prices. With he Shine Savings Plan, you get FREE Virtual Consults, FREE exams and FREE X-rays as well as more than 50% savings off preventative cleanings twice per year. Members also get at least 30% off ALL other in-office procedures. This plan cannot be combined with any other dental plan benefits. To find a participating location near you, visit or call (833) 330-7215.

Procedure Description Savings %
Virtual Dental Consult 100%
Comprehensive Oral Evaluation 100%
Emergency Exam 100%
Full Mouth X-rays 100%
Panoramic X-rays 100%
Preventative Cleaning - Adult 50%
Preventative Cleaning - Child 50%
Teeth Whitening 50%
Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning 30%
Extraction 30%
Tooth-colored Filling 30%
Root Canal 30%
Crown (all porcelain, Porcelain fused with high noble metal) 30%
Save 30% off ALL Other Procedures

*Regular Cost is based on Shine Savings Plan locations' average usual and customary rates for all areas where the plan is offered.

**Plan Cost represents the average of the assigned Shine Savings Plan fees for all areas offering the Shine Savings Plan.

Prices subject to change.

A consult fee of $65.00 applies to all consults.

A consult fee of $95.00 applies to all consults.

Plan For Everyone

Let's help you save more with plans for you and the family.
We've got you covered.

Individual Cost

This member only plan is perfect for individuals.

per year


Member + 1 Cost

This plan is great for two individuals.

per year


Family Cost

Our family plan offers dental savings to your entire household!

per year


*Plus a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $10.00.

Membership Features

Affordable dental care discounts with great features.


How To Use

1) Sign up for our money-saving plan.

2) Search for a participating provider.

3) Schedule your appointment.

4) Show your membership card.

5) Save money at the time of service.